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Frequently Asked Questions by Those Considering IRG for helping create or optimize their therapy department.

After completing a management agreement, IRG’s operations team will be on site to begin the process of understanding all aspects of your current therapy department, including overall workflow, staffing, revenue cycle, systems.  From there, IRG will identify opportunities for improvement and, making decisions in concert with you, begin the process of effecting positive change to optimize your therapy department.

IRG is the largest rehab services management company in the United States, and our size brings with it the experience and bench strength to take all aspects of your therapy department off your hands.  From our operations expertise to our full-time, in-house recruiting department to our revenue cycle management team, we have the ability to manage all aspects of your therapy services unlike anyone else.

Simply put, this is all IRG does, and we are very good at it.  Most medical practices do not have the time and expertise to effectively operate a therapy department.

We are a group of therapists managing therapists with incredible talent depth that brings expertise to all aspects of your rehab department.  Our single-minded focus gives your therapy department the continual attention it requires to reach its full potential.

  • Full operations oversight and management – operations team made up of only therapists
  • HR and benefits coordination – in-house HR team
  • Recruiting – in-house recruiting team
  • Revenue cycle training and support – regional revenue cycle managers supporting your AR/billing team
  • Compliance oversight – in-house compliance team
  • Growth/expansion strategies – in-house accounting and finance team
  • Clinical services/professional development – in-house clinical services team
  • Therapist credentialing – in-house credentialing coordinator working with your credentialing team
  • Financial analysis/ROI assessment – in-house accounting and finance team
  • Purchasing – in-house accounting and finance team
  • Assistance with payer contracting – regional revenue cycle managers supporting your AR/billing team
  • Monitoring of legislative changes – in-house legal and compliance departments stay abreast of relevant industry changes

While IRG works with different financial models, we typically bear the up-front capital costs related to equipment, while the physician practice is responsible for the necessary physical site.

IRG has a team of regional vice presidents, each of them a therapist and located strategically around the country, who oversee the operations of each therapy department we manage.  IRG will mentor, train and oversee an on-site clinic director responsible for the day-to-day operations of the clinic.

IRG has regional revenue cycle managers who work closely with your AR/billing department, helping to establish effective therapy revenue cycle processes and acting as an ongoing resource for assistance with billing or claims issues.