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What do IRG’s partners have to say?

“Clinical care of our patients has been quite good. I am now hearing from friends in our community our reputation for therapy is excellent.” – Orthopedic Surgeon Partner

“IRG has a national presence and stays at the forefront of therapy and treatment regimens. In addition, IRG is focused solely on therapy services and provides us the very best guidance annually on market changes that will impact our team. We also have access to a wider candidate pool of therapists which is essential in our highly competitive market. Our partnership is collaborative and we work together to determine our short term and long term strategy and to measure success.” – Ortho Forum Practice CEO

“Our patients receive excellent care and accountability for the entire PT team. Our patient satisfaction is consistently high and our therapists are highly sought after for patient visits.” – Ortho Forum Practice CEO

“The benefits of partnering with IRG are that they have been proactive in dealing with issues at different physical therapy sites and very much able to recruit and maintain physical therapists.” – Orthopedic Surgeon Partner

“I would recommend IRG to other orthopedic practices that have physical therapy offices. They have done an excellent job in transitioning and maintaining good morale, as well as being very productive and proactive in dealing with physical therapists. They have also been very successful at recruiting which is very difficult where we live in rural North Carolina.” – Orthopedic Surgeon Partner

“We had a local PT group manage our in office PT for many years. We were very satisfied with the quality of care that our patients were getting. The financial side was ok. Due to a group merger, we switched to IRG. I was very skeptical. Boy was I wrong. Quality has been as good or better, and profitability is more than double. Like most total hip patients say, if I’d known it was going to be this good, I’d have done it (switched to IRG) sooner.” – Ortho Forum Surgeon Partner