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Why is IRG the right partner?

When we eventually decided to partner with IRG it was because we had looked at two or three other similar management models. IRG stood out because of its experience and, quite frankly, we were able to capture that experience at a competitive price compared with other partners we considered.

We had been out of the physical therapy business for a number of years because of the Stark laws prior to partnering with IRG. When the laws changed, allowing us once again to have our own physical therapy department, we did not want to manage that part of our business ourselves. This made IRG a fairly easy choice.

The benefits of partnering with IRG are quite simply that they do the management, the hiring, the training, and essentially all other aspects of managing our physical therapy business. We own the business but share a portion of any profits with IRG.

IRG has certainly done a good job of managing challenges in the healthcare market. These include changes in the worker’s compensation system in our home state of Tennessee and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

IRG has hired qualified therapists, assistants and other personnel as needed to give our patients superb physical therapy care. I have had few if any complaints about the treatment given to my patients.

Overall, we have had a very positive experience with IRG. We have been with them for many, many years, never giving any serious thought to partnering with another manager.

My advice to anyone looking for a management company for their physical therapy services is do your due diligence and research what is available in order to compare different options. However, we have been very happy with IRG.

-OrthoSouth Physician, IRG Partner since 2004